3BR-128 128mm Carbon Fiber FPV Racing Frame Kit

I do believe you will love this recommendation, and it will be your next order. Here is going to know more about 3BR-128 frame kit, which looks awesome to enjoy flight journey. How about taking look at its pictures?

3BR-128 Frame Kit Specs

  • Bottom Plate: 3mm
  • Motor: 1606 3500KV
  • Propeller: GF3035×3
  • Frame wheelbase: 128mm
  • Side and top plate:1.5mm
  • Camera: Runcam Swift Mini camera
  • Motor mounting axis distance: 128mm
  • Flight Weight (Without Battery): 156g

3BR-128 Frame Kit Price

  • Last updated 3BR-128 Frame Kit price at Banggood: $159.08

Package Included

  • 1 X Antenna
  • 1 X 3BR-128 Frame kit
  • 2 X GF3035×3 propeller CW
  • 2 X GF3035×3 propeller CCW
  • 1 x Runcam Swift Mini camera
  • 2 X 1606 3500KV brushless motor CW
  • 2 X 1606 3500KV brushless motor CCW

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