CopterX CX250SE Flybarless RC Helicopter

CopterX CX250SE 2.4G Flybarless RC Helicopter Super Combo

CopterX CX250SE Flybarless RC Helicopter Description:

  • After extensive testing the CopterX CX250SE is finally ready for the market. With features like full aluminum alloy rotor head and tail, carbon fiber frame and tail fin, weighted tail blade grip, heavy duty two piece landing skid, alloy tail drive pulley, etc. Makes this model one of the most advance mini 3D helicopter in the market for both indoor or outdoor enjoyment.
  • Latest mini EP 3D helicopter from CopterX. The new CopterX CX250SE flybarless helicopter. Now you can enjoy extreme 3D flybarless performance for both indoor and outdoor flight. Made with the aluminum alloy and carbon fiber to ensure light weight and high strength.

CopterX CX250SE Flybarless RC Helicopter Features:

  • 1mm hex driver, T6, Philips screw driver included
  • 205mm composite main blade, weighted flying paddle and tail blade included
  • Adjustable gyro mount for different gyros
  • Alloy belt drive pulley for long service life and positive rudder control
  • Ball raced drive and rotor systems
  • Carbon fiber tail support and anti rotation bracket
  • Factory painted fiber glass canopy
  • High strength Carbon fiber main frame
  • High strength landing skit
  • Light weight aluminum alloy boom lock, motor mount, rudder drive gear mount, standoff
  • Slop free Aluminum alloy rotor head and tail assembly
  • Weighted tail blade grip for accurate rudder control and less stress on rudder servo

CopterX CX250SE Flybarless RC Helicopter Specification:

  • Drive Gear Ratio: 1:8:4.28
  • Flying Weight: Approx: 330g
  • Height: 187mm
  • Length: 430mm
  • Main Blade Length: 200mm / 205mm
  • Main Drive Gear: 120T
  • Main Rotor Dia.: 450mm / 460mm
  • Motor Pinion Gear: 15T
  • Tail Drive Gear: 28T
  • Tail Rotor Dia.: 108mm / 112mm
  • Weight (w/o power system): 138g
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CopterX CX250SE 2.4G Flybarless RC Helicopter Super Combo

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