fpv-system-FPV 1.4g Machine Low Pass Filter 1.2g Transmitter-Machine Low Pass Filter

FPV 1.4g Machine Low Pass Filter 1.2g Transmitter

1: small volume, light weight, small insertion loss.
2: both sides of gold-plated SMA connector (for SMA female head, external thread hole; on the other side for the SMA male head – internal thread needle), double-sided circuit board design, high mechanical strength, stable performance.
3: good passband ripple coefficient and capacity restraint outside the band.
4: unique shielding design, beautiful and practical.
5: import the patch components, durable, zero failure rate.
Note that this filter is only applicable to 1.4 G frequency below figure, is not suitable for 2.4 G and 5.8 G figure!
The same conditions, the figure of 1.2 G transmission distance and the shade resistance is much better than 2.4 G and 5.8 G figure, more suitable for long-distance video transmission and complex environment
Technical parameters:
Cutoff frequency: > 1.4 Ghz is higher than 1.4 Ghz frequency be discard, below this frequency all through
Net weight: 5 g / 0.2 oz
Interface situation: antenna end SAM space launch module within the outside screw end within internal screw injection
Shape size: 36 * 8 * 8 mm

Package Include:
1 x FPV 1.4g Machine Low Pass Filter 1.2g Transmitter

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