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ISDT PC-4860 Features

1. Faultless Security Assurance
32pcs Fuse,Support 40A input,4 Channels output,Aluminum case to avoid exploding or catching fire

2. Precision CNC
Wire electrode cutting >> CNC >> Polising >> Sand blasting >> Anodizing >> assembling >> All inspection and packing

3. Compact Size
ISDT Safe Parallel Board is developed with reasonable size and scientific segmentation design, to ensure high safety, efficient heat dissipation and comfortable hand feeling

ISDT PC-4860 Specs & Descriptions

Brand: ISDT

Model: PC-4860

Name: Safe Parallel Board

Plug: XT60

Weight: 205 g

Balance Cable: 6S

Balance Cells: 1s~8s

Size: 88*58*20 mm

Cable Length: 150 mm

Max Input Current: 40A

Max Balance Current : 2A

Max Output Current: 30A/Port

ISDT PC-4860 Price

Latest ISDT PC-4860 price at Banggood: US$37.99

Package Included
1 x  6s Balance Cable

1 x  XT60 Power Cable

1 x  ISDT PC-4860 Safe Parallel Board


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