DOMAN RC Mini Gear Servo 1.2g for RC Airplane Aircraft


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Model No.: DM-S0012
Weight: 1.2g
Size: 20*7*15mm
Speed: 0.08sec/60deg (4.8v) 0.06sec/60deg (6.0v):
Blocking torque: (4.8v) (6.0v):
Working voltage: 4.8-6Volts
POM super wear-resistant precision gear
Hollow cup motor, fast, low consumption,
1. Without potentiometer, without circuit
2. When used in oil-vibrating aircraft, helicopters, car models and ship models with high vibration,
they must be fixed with rubber cushions.
3. Please select the steering gear of the appropriate specifications. Do not overload the torque specifications,
otherwise the mechanism or parts will be damaged.
4. Refer to the specification to select the correct power supply voltage and ensure that sufficient current is
supplied to avoid affecting the normal operation of the steering gear. Exceeding the voltage range may cause the
steering gear to work abnormally or even be damaged. Special attention is required.
5. Keep the working environment of the steering gear clean and avoid the pollution of dust, corrosive gas or humid air.
Package Content:
1 x DOMAN RC Mini Gear Servo 1.2g for RC Airplane Aircraft


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