YX 3-in-1 intelligent Battery Smart Quick Outdoor Charger USB Charging Box Hub for Parrot Mini Drones


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YX 3-in-1 Intelligent Battery Smart Quick Outdoor Charger USB Charging Box Hub for Parrot Mini Drones
Charger Box:Brand Name:YX
Item Name:3-in-1 Charger
Input:DC 5V 2-4A
Recommended:DC 5V 3A
Branch Output:MAX 4.35V 1A
Charging Time:70 mins for 3 batteries
Product Size:5.4*5*5.6cm
Net Weight:70g
Package Size:6.2*8*5.6cm
Package Weight:84g
Charger at 2.5A Max.
Usage for:Parrot Mambo FPV
Parrot Mambo Fly
Parrot Mambo Mission
Parrot Swing Drone
Parrot Rolling Spider
Parrot Airborne Cargo Drone-Travis
Parrot Airborne Cargo Drone-Mars
Parrot Airborne Night Drone-Maclane
Parrot Airborne Night Drone-Swat
Parrot Airborne Night Drone-Blazes
Parrot Hydrofoil Drone-New Z
Parrot Hydrofoil Drone-Orak Parrot Jumping Sumo Parrot Jumping Race Max Parrot Jumping Race Jett Parrot Jumping Race Tuk Tuk
Parrot Jumping Night Marshalls Parrot Jumping Night Buzz Parrot Jumping Night Diesels.
-5V 3A is recommended for input power. When the power source used is less than 3A, and the gap between the batteries is extremely large, the charger will give priority to charging the battery with low battery. The battery with high battery may be in a waiting state for charging. When the power is consistent, all charging starts. Charging indicator status:red light is charging, green light is full.
-This battery can be used for Parrot mini series batteries with a rated voltage of 3.7V. There is a high-capacity mini battery with a rated voltage of 3.85V (700mAh capacity). If you use this charger, you can also charge it, but it cannot be fully charged. No impact on the battery, the battery life can not reach the high capacity time.
– 100% brand new and high quality.
– Short circuit protection, multiple safety protection, intelligent micros-processing chip, effectively control short-circuit overload and overvoltage.
– Upgrade chip technology, fast charge and smarter, with fast charge protection function to protect the battery.
– Support original charge when the battery fix in the helicopter , still support charge by the usb charger
– The latest high-density battery capacity
– Comes with protective plate can prevent excessive overcharge
– Three batteries charging at the same time,can save a lot of time
– With Type C cable,you can charge cellphone or tablet with Type C port
Package Includes
1 x Charging Box
1 x Type C cable
1 x Battery(Option)

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