6.35mm Pickup Piezo 3 Transducer for Acoustic Guitar Ukulele Mandolin


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Universal 6.35mm Pickup Piezo 3 Transducer For Acoustic Guitar Ukulele Mandolin
Currently on the market cost-effective Ukulele external microphone, you can use immediately affix opinions, performances and more convenient.
Installation is simple, does not require the opening, use immediately.
Voice highly reduced, you can pick up a plate, the interpretation more playing techniques, performance and easy to use.
Installation Notes
1 stickers torn down from behind the transducer to expose the adhesive
2 guitar through the sound hole is located, in order to place the transducer produces the best tone.
3 direct access to a musical instrument sound, tighten the nut.
Color:Sliver and black
Material:Metal ,rubber and plastic
Diameter of cable into the hole 6.35mm
cable length 78cm
pickup diameter:3cm
Fit for:Guitar, ukulele, violin, etc.
Package Included
1 x pickup

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