Meideal MFX5 Finger Trainer Copper Gear for Guitar Bass Ukulele Piano Violin Players


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This finger trainer is a widely applicable to a variety of musical instruments playing, the hand shape and fingering training requirements. Guitar enthusiasts can use it to train your fingers, wrist, arm, can effectively improve muscle strength, flexibility, control, endurance and coordination. Either individually trained hands, fingers, and can carry anywhere improve the ability of the finger.
Name:Finger Trainer
Press Keys:5
Weight:About 108g
Color:Orange, Grey
Strength:3 ~ 8.5 pounds
Max Stored Buttons at one time:2
Size:About 105 x 66 x 23mm (L * W * H)
* Can lock 2 buttons simultaneously.
* Soft button cap makes it comfortable to press.
* The slim size makes you hold it all in one palm.
* Precise design for spring structure with copper nut and screw.
* 5 buttons initiated, one more button than the common exerciser.
* Copper core, adjustable tension, make operation smooth and accurate.
* Visible physical force adjustment, you can see the change while practice.
* Intensify your practice for specific finger with exclusive inchkey-holdinch feature.
* Widely used for finger exercise when you play guitar, piano, bass, ukulele, saxophone, violin or orchestral instruments.
* With 2 brackets, any two of the buttons can be held down, you can choose whatever fingers you want to exercise at your will.
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1 x Meideal MFX5 Finger Trainer

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