10mmX25m 15mmX25m High Temperature Resistant Double-Sided thermal Tape for RC Model


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Thermal conductive tape with high thermal conductivity performance and insulation, strong adhesion, which can be tightly and firmly fit the heat source devices and heat sink.This strong adhesion and small thermal resistance features effectively replace the grease and mechanical fixation, to achieve the most effective thermal dissipation.The double-sided thermal adhesive tape at low cost solve the problem of both good heat dissipation and strong stickiness
while improving the work efficiency.
Notes For Attention
1.When using thermal conductive double-sided tape, keep the adhesive surface clean and dry.
2.After tearing off the heat-conductive double-sided tape to peel the paper, double-sided thermal tape is evenly pressed with your fingers (just a little strength).
3.The viscosity of the heat-conductive double-sided adhesive tape have initial viscosity and persistent viscosity, and at room temperature, it takes 72 hours
to achieve the maximum adhesive strength. That is, at the beginning of the sticky adhesive that is the initial viscosity to 40% of its maximum viscosity, persistent stickiness is stable over time.
4.In the paste process, the appropriate heating (60 ~ 70 Celsius), will greatly contribute to the effective increase in the area of adhesive, and as soon as possible to achieve maximum adhesion.
180 degree Adhesion power:more than the 16 N/25mm
Heat Resistance:120 Celsius (long time), 180 Celsius ( short time),
Applicable temperature range:-30~+120 Celsius
Reinforcement Carrier:Fiberglass Mesh
Thermal Conductivity:1.5 W/m-k
Breakdown Voltage:4KVAC
Thermal impedance :0.3 Celsius in2/w
Initial Adhesion:1.3kg/inch
Size:approx.25M x 20mm x 0.2mm
Package Included
1 X Thermal tape

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