2 PCS ORT Digieyes Patch & 2 PCS Stubby FPV Antenna Set 5.8Ghz LHCP 7.5 dBi 1.2/1.3dBi RPSMA for DJI Digital HD Goggle


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The ORT Digieyes HD Antenna for your DJI Digital FPV Goggles. A Full set circular antenna combo that consist of directional & Omni antenna to offer compact & low profile antenna with better range possibilities and features great coverage of an Omni with reasonable price.
ORT Digieyes HD Antenna is based on a patch and pagoda antenna design that specifically retuned & designed as a Plug and Play upgrade for your stock DJI Antenna of DJI FPV Goggles. ORT Pagoda Stubby is our favorite to replace stock DJI Antenna for its low profile size (about 50% shorter) and higher in efficiency.
ORT Digieyes HD Antenna provide wider frequency range so it will perform best at any DJI FPV channel. It also has balance performance of penetration & range and beam coverage, with 7.5 dBiC gain it covers 80° both horizontal and vertical area.
Other than great balance performance and reasonable price, ORT Digieyes also provides compact and low form factor weighing only 18gr each including connector and cable. This alone make it worth to upgrade your stock antenna, so it will make it easy to store in your bag and never need to worry to remove the antenna ever again. Each patch comes with 3M thin but strong double sided tape for easy plug n play installation.
ORT Digieyes HD Patch Antenna
Frequency Range:5600~6000 MHz
Gain:7.5 dBiC
Beam Width:80° V & H
Weight:18g each
Dimensions:64mm x 37mm x 8mm
Connector:RP-SMA (plug & play with DJI Goggles)
ORT DJI Stubby Pagoda
Frequency Range:5550~6050 MHz
Gain:1.2~1.3 dBiC
Beam Width:360 degrees (Omni Directional)
Weight:7gr each
Dimensions:25mm x 20mm x 25mm
Connector:RP-SMA (plug & play with DJI Goggles)
2x ORT Stubby Pagoda Antenna
2x ORT Digieyes Patch Antenna (1L 1R)

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