GEPRC CineLog 25 Micro HD 4S 2.5 109mm CineWhoop Drone w/Caddx Nebula Micro Cam GR1204 3750KV Motor


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GEPRC Team Really Excitedly to released the GEPRC CineLog25 CineWhoop drone . All innovations are disruptive for GEPRC CineLog25.
CineLog25 will be available in three versions:CineLog25 HD PRO, CineLog25 HD Micro, CineLog25 Analog.
The most noteworthy feature of CineLog25 is the lightweight quadcopter that can be shoot video by GoPro Lite. It adopts the most popular backward push design on the FPV field at present. It can effectively use the thrust weight ratio of propeller to obtain higher flight efficiency. In the overall layout of the drone, we put VISTA HD in the center of the quadcopter, so that the center of gravity of the quadcopter is in the middle, The propeller Inlet is smoother and the noise is lower. Redesigned the shock absorption structure of the camera mount and GoPro Lite, Eliminated the jelly of the camera and FPV camera, and we can use 3, 4 and 5 damping rings according to the flight state to obtain the best stability in vibration and noise.
The F411-20A-F4 AIO and GEPRC NEW 1204 3750KV motors are used in flight system and power system. The power battery can be compatible with 450mah ~ 750mah.
The flight time of CineLog25 is around 5.5 minutes (it depends on the flying habits). The stable electronic equipment and advanced frame materials make the quadcopter stable and can achieve all FPV freestyle tricks easily. The customized EVA protective foam cushioning around the frame is more elastic and can effectively protect the fuselage while crash happening!
The CineLog25 is assembled and debugged by GEPRC Team. It has smooth flight experience and excellent performance.It has every attribute you could want.
1.New camera damping system
The New camera damping system basically eliminates the video’s jelly and FPV camera’s vibration in terms of designing, The damping construction can be adjusted the harder or softer to suit the Flight State. There are Three, Four and Five damping rings can be used to provide sufficient stability in vibration and noise.
2.Brand-new exclusive pusher frame
The CineLog Whoop Quadcopter adopts a brand-new stunning pusher frame design, Including ultra-light carbon plate and new material, strength increases by 20%, efficiency increased by 15%
3.Low noise optimization
Cinelog Whoop Quadcopter Increases the Air Inlet volume and it with the EVA foam cushioning,Reduce the Airflow Resistance in order to create extremely low flight noise and greater reduction of noise from external vibrations
4.Long range flight
High efficiency power matching, The latest GEP 1204 motor power output scheme and Brilliant Tune have further Improved the flight time
5.Low center of gravity design
The CADDX VISTA was placed at the bottom, Optimized Design for the Air Inlet Structure. It’s a point of the best importance is a low center of gravity “pusher-style” inverted frame, increased efficiency at least 15%
6.Perfectly Compatible with most of mainstream cameras
Compatible with SMO 4K, Gopro6 lite and Gopro8 Lite (coming soon),etc…
7.Using DJI HD Goggles
Vista Nebula Pro (120 FPS HD camera, 28ms low delay flight)
8.Adjustable lens angle
The flight angle of 0-40 degrees can be adjusted according to the flight requirements, The camera’s angle can be adjusted to meet your variety of Shooting needs
9.With EVA foam cushioning
Integrated EVA design, the overall shape look more coordinated, better strength.
10.Optimized bottom design
The bottom part increases the strength of landing and perfectly protects all electronic equipment
11.Camera power line output
With its own power cable output to the camera (Gopro6 & Gopro8), It has its own Video Recording Wire,The camera can be turned off or on directly Via Remote controller
Item Name:CineLog 25 Micro HD Version (Caddx Nebula Micro Cam )
Flight Controller:GEP-20A-F4
OSD:BetaFlight OSD w/ AT7456E chip
ESC:BLheli_S 20A
Camera:Caddx Nebula Micro
Props:GEMFAN D63-5
Motors:GR1204 3750KV
CineLog25 HD Weight:125.6g(Without battery)
Battery:Recommended 4S 450-750mAh (Not Included)
Package Include
1x CineLog25 Quadcopter Caddx Nebula Micro Version
4x D63-5 Props(Pair)
1x GOPRO Lite 3D TPU Seat
2x EVA Pad
2x Battery non-slip mat
2x Batterystrap
1x Screwdriver

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