IRIN 37-Key Melodica Harmonica Electronic Keyboard Mouth Organ with Handbag


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Name:37 Key Melodica
Colors:pink, blue, green, red
Scope of application:beginner/performance/practice
An Melodica is a small, well-tuned, melodic, keyboard instrument. It is inexpensive, convenient to carry, easy to learn and master, so many schools listed as the teaching content of music class.
Oral organ is a kind of musical instrument that combines keyboard and playing. It not only keeps the characteristics of keyboard musical instrument, but also absorbs the characteristics of playing musical instrument. Therefore, it is a kind of musical instrument that can be played.
The mouth organ’s characteristic is easy to blow (does not need to suck), easy to learn, USES quite simply, and has the keyboard, may play any tone, is convenient to ensemble, is very helpful to the study music knowledge.
Oral organ has been popular in foreign countries for many years. Although it is relatively popular in big cities of China, it is still far behind in comparison with foreign countries, even far behind southeast Asia such as Malaysia and Indonesia.
Mouth organ is a relatively cheap price but a musical instrument can learn much knowledge, learn to mouth organ and then contact the piano keyboard class such as instrument, such as the flute playing kind of instrument is not difficult, because the mouth organ have given your child laid the deep music theory basis, so the state education commission said the choice of mouth organ as one of the students inchMusical Instruments into classroominch universal instruments is a wise decision.
Package included
1 x 37 Key Melodica
1 x Short mouthpiece
1 x Soft blowing tube
1 x Accordion bag
1 x Wipe cloth

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