20Pcs Railway Train Lamp Mini Analog Street LED Light Model


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Material:Steel Column Model Lampposts.
Reference Scale:1:76~1:100
Emitting color:White
Operating Voltage:3V, AC or DC Compatible
Operating Current:20mA
Total height:11cm
– Perfect for Railway & Building Layout!
– Made with white LEDs.
– Complete with wires and LEDs and can be lighted.
– These Lampposts are suitable for use at supply voltages of 3V only.
DO NOT use them on 12V or 16V directely to avoid damaging the LED.
You must connect a resistor in series before you will use them on 12V or 16V.
Please apply correct Operating Current 20mA to each LED too.
Packaged included
20 Pcs x Lamps

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