RJX 19mmX25m Tesa Coroplast Adhesive Cloth Tape for Wire Harnessing


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Adhesion strength:2.0N/cm
Tensile strength:60N/cm
Temperature range:-40 to 105°C
Abrasion resistance:127
Unwind strength:5.6N
Tear by hand:yes
Flame stability:63mm/min
Noise reduction:6dB
Test method:Vw60360
Glue:pressure sensitive adhesive
Structure:rubber velvet adhesive and strong anti-aging ability
Thickness:0.3 ±0.05mm
High adhesive force
Tearable by hand
Large resistance against abrasion
Flexible and easy to handle
High/low temperature-resistant
Nice/high media-resistant
High noise reduction effect
Extremely soft surface
Free of critical substances
Stable against rotting
High noise reduction effect
Packaging Included
1X Tape

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