FEETECH FT2331M 4.5KG 280 Degree Serial Bus Metal Mini Servo for RC Robot Robot Arm RC Model


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Servo Model:FT3315M
Swing Arm:Plastic swing arm
Working Voltage:4.8-6V
Output Shaft:25T
Working Temperature:25°C±5°C
Gear Type:Metal gear
Quiescent Current:4.8MA-6MA
Limit Structure:360°
Locked Rotor Current:600MA
Waterproof Performance:NO
Stall Torque:1.9KG.CM
No-load Speed:0.11 sec/60°
Position Range:120°
No-load Current:150mA
– FT2331M steering gear adopts hollow cup motor and all-metal CN shell. It is the choice of 450 steering gears and special steering gears for metal digital swashplates.
– Applicable to 450 swash plate can also be applied to 450 lock tail.
– Coreless motor has outstanding energy saving characteristics, sensitive and convenient control characteristics and stable operation characteristics. As a high-efficiency energy conversion device, it represents the development direction of the motor.
– The coreless motor has a breakthrough in the structure of the traditional motor rotor structure, using a coreless rotor.
– Coreless motor has energy-saving, control and drag characteristics. The new red version has improved accuracy and reduced vacant position. The motor is improved and the efficiency is improved. The circuit board is directly welded to the motor.
– The motor housing is processed, and the concentricity of the motor is increased by an order of magnitude.
Package Included
1 x FEETECH FT2331M 4.5KG Metal Mini Servo
1 x Plug
4 x Screws
3 x Plastic Gaskets

Weight 0.027 kg


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