Mooer M705 Digital Reverb Effect Micro Guitar Effects Pedal


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Reverberation style
Room:short room reverberation
Hall:broad hall reverberation
Church:Gorgeous church reverberation
Cave:deep cave reverberation
Plate:clear and bright metal plate
Spring:simulating reverberation of spring timbre
Mod:pleasant and bright modulation reverberation
Input:1 / 4 ‘mono frequency connection (impedance 2.2 MOhms)
Output:1 / 4 ‘mono frequency (impedance 100 ohms)
Power supply:9V DC transformer (inside negative, outside positive), recommended to use mooer micro power
Working current:200mA
Size:93.5mm (d) x42mm (W) x52mm (H)
Package Included
1x MOOER Guitar Effects Pedal

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