FL01 Nepal Handmade Pure Copper Wind Chimes


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Product Name:Wind chimes
Model:Small:Medium:Large:Extra Large
Bell Mouth Diameter (cm):4.5:6.5:7:8
Bell Height (cm):5.5:7.5:9:10.5
Weight (g):95:190:250:325
– Material
Made of pure copper material, exquisite and beautiful.
– Production
The craftsman’s handmade work will inevitably have flaws and imperfections, but imperfection is true beauty.
– Meaning
It represents the greetings of good friends and the misses between lovers.
– Purpose
Collections, homestays and other decorations hanging, music dubbing, giving close friends.
Due to manual measurement, please allow an error of 0-1 cm.
Package Included
1 x Wind Chime

Weight 0.19 kg


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