Lettering Handmade Buddhas Sound Bowl Singing Bowl


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Product Name:Flat-bottomed Buddhas Sound Bowl
– Hand-made in Nepal, it is a Tibetan Buddhist ritual implement and practice bowl, also known as Buddhas’ sound bowl and prayer bowl.
– The sound of the Buddhas’ sound bowl is ethereal and profound, which makes people’s mind peaceful and far away, ethereal and sentimental. It is considered to be like the sound of Buddhas, and it is used in meditation.
There is a set of methods for ringing the Buddhas sound bowl. First, stretch your left hand flat, place the bowl on the center of your palm, and hold the peach wood handle with your right hand. Then gently rub the edge of the bowl with the lower end of the handle, clockwise or counterclockwise, so slowly rubbing around the edge of the bowl, from fast to slow. Gradually, the Buddhas sound bowl will vibrate slightly with the rubbing of the wooden handle, making a pleasant resonance sound, and the sound is getting louder and going around the beam.
Handmade bowls, each bowl has different sizes and weights, and a deviation of about 1 cm is normal.
Package Included
1 x Buddhas Sound Bowl
1 x Short Leather Stick
1 x Washer

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