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Zaphir 5 Element Wind Chime Handmade Healing instrument Hand-cranked Pendant

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Name:Zaphir Wind Chime
Material:Metal, wax-sealed wood, Finnish paper pulp
Product Weight:About 135 grams
Wooden Tube Height:About 125cm
wooden Tube Diameter:About 6.3cm
Twilight-Gold (Five Element)
When the twilight bell rang, it heralded a dreamy and short moment.
Tone:The arrangement of major triads brings full and stable music, inspires creative inspiration and the courage to pursue dreams.
Blue moon water (five element)
The blue moon represents abundance, love, beauty and fertility.
Tone:Arranged in jazz minor, through a C-sharp tone, creating a sense of space and surround, let this beautiful element take you for granted.
Crystal crystaline-wood (five element)
Represents the idea derived from the crystal, which can adjust the flow of energy in the right direction.
Tone:mellow, clear, conducive to rejuvenating vitality and soothing the heart.
Sun fire (five element)
The sun is the foundation of life, providing food and nutrients for our body.
Tone:Just like its name:warm, comfortable, radiant. It echoes in the ears in an enlightening way, arouses potential and learning ability, and stimulates creativity.
Sufi Sufi-Soil (Five Element)
Sophie focuses on the deep inner part of belief. Rotation is its main feature. He believes that the unity of nature and man can be achieved through continuous rotation.
Tone:Light, flower-like tone, very suitable for healing.
– Harmonious loop
The eight columns are precisely tuned to match the interaction of pitch and overtones to form different harmonic cycles.
– No need to tune by yourself
All the sound columns are tilted inward, and the tilt angle is calculated through calculations, it is not a quality problem, please do not adjust without authorization
– Finnish pulp
The resonance tube is made of a special pulp from Finland, which can make a brilliant and colorful appearance, and can carry the resonance of a translucent sound, which can not be replaced by cheap materials.
– Handmade
The wind chimes are made by hand. The position of each sound column is calculated. The bottom of the wind chime may have unevenness. There are welding marks on the bottom of the sound column. This is not a quality problem. Those who mind
– Environmental protection material
The materials are all made of green and environmentally friendly materials, which meet the European origin standards.
There is a layer of environmentally friendly varnish on the inside and outside of the resonance tube, which can prevent moisture and dryness. If it is used outdoors for a long time, it is recommended to clean the surface with a damp cloth. The internal sound column is recommended to be wiped with varnish or oil for maintenance.
In order to prevent the sound column from being hit during transportation, we wrap the hammer in the resonance tube on the sound column. The wind chime you receive is silent. You can turn the wind chime upside down and grab the decorative piece with your hand to untie it. Winding.
Package Included
1 x Wind Chime

Weight0.00014 kg


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