2Pcs/Set Stainless Steel Dead Eyes Mooring Tools Fix Tools for Wood Ship Model Kit Decorations


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Name:Dead Eyes Mooring Tool for Wood Ship Model Kit
Material:Stainless Steel
1. This tool can made the mooring cables work become simple and feasible.
2. This tool can adjust the distance between mooring cables in a control range.
3. The diameter range of the three-eye pulley which can be installed auxiliary is 3.5mm – 10mm, and the distance between the upper and lower three-eye pulley mooring cable is 10mm – 30mm.
4. This tool is a kit, you need also assembly.
1. Combine 1 and 2 part with glue , and fix with Screw.
2. First, determine the distance between the top and bottom of the three-eye pulley set you are going to make, and the actual distance of the blue arrow point to the blue line in the figure below.
3. Then loosen the auxiliary slider tightening screw (the red circle position in the figure below), then slide down and down according to the blue arrow direction to adjust the slider, align the scale line on the slider (the yellow circle above) to the distance you actually need, tighten the tightening screw to fix the slider, and then proceed to the following steps;
4. Hold the three-eyed pulley in front and back of your finger and insert it into the fixing groove of the pulley of the auxiliary device from the side.
5. It does not need to be too tight, as long as the pulley does not loosen and fall, as shown in the following figure.
(It should be noted that the upper and lower sides of the fixing groove of the pulley must clamp the cable groove of the pulley)
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1 x 2Pcs/Set Dead Eyes Mooring Tool

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