K380L Portable USB Charging UHF Wireless Microphone with Receiving Box


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Model:K380L UHF
1. The microphone adopts the dynamic microphone core, the sound quality is bright and thick; UHF band technology is adopted to avoid the interference signal anytime and anywhere, and the working distance of the manual is 15 meters (the actual distance is 30 meters);
Second, the original receiving box uses 3.5mm audio head, can be directly plugged into any audio, no need to connect the output line separately, and also distribute 6.5mm adapter (can be directly inserted into the bus car audio and outdoor lever speakers, etc.);
Third, the power supply use method
1. Hand-made mic can be equipped with No. 5 AA battery (customer-purchased battery), and the life time is up to 10 hours;
2, the receiver box built-in polymer lithium battery (certified battery certificate is complete), the use of battery life up to 5 hours; with DC-5V USB charging port, can be charged by mobile power at any time.
3.Hand wheat is elegant and classic with elegant black spray; the receiving box is miniature, lightweight and portable;
Package Included
1 *Wireless Microphone
1* receiving box
1* USB head charging cable
1*6.5 adapter
1* instruction manual

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