Small Hammer 3D Printing Production Tracked Tank Chassis for Smart Car

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Chassis size:length 280mm*198mm*60mm
The motor parameters are as follows (only the motor parameters are not the actual speed of the crawler)
Voltage 5V No-load current 80MA Speed 175 rpm
Voltage 9V No-load current 90MA Speed 350 rpm
Voltage 12V No-load current 95MA Speed 480 rpm
Voltage 18V No-load current 110MA Speed 740 rpm
The voltage is recommended not to exceed 15v.
The tracked vehicle sells only a chassis:a set including a frames, track and motor assembled (as for the remote control and power supply, you need to purchase and install it yourself).
The motor adopts:280 planetary all-metal geared motor (it is disassembled but does not affect the use, the effect is very good, and those who mind are careful to shoot!)
The track is made of engineering black plastic, which is detachable section by section.
Model load:normal four or five catties, the maximum is about 10 catties (replacement of thick springs can increase the load, but it is not recommended.)
Note:Most of this model is 3D printed FDM mode, so the surface is not perfect, there are layers, burrs, cracks, etc. unavoidable, but it does not affect the use. Those who mind, shoot carefully.
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1*Small Hammer 3D Printing Production Tracked Tank Chassis

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