LJF Linkage 16 Lights Flat Running Climbing Light Group Turn Signal Brake Light for RC Car Model Parts

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Name:Linkage 16 lights
Bus Length:90cm
Supply Voltage:5-8.5V
Power Access Method:Remote control receiver, no Y wire installation, lead directly from the hub board
Light Mode:Headlights, daytime running lights, fog lights, width lights, brake lights, reversing lights, turn signals
Compatible Remote Control:Ledi, Tiandifei, Fusi, Dumbo, etc.
Turn Signal Flashing Frequency:1Hz, consistent with the real car turn signal frequency
1. 2 sets of white driving lights, lamp bead diameter 5m:always on when power is on
2. 2 groups of white highlight headlights, lamp beads diameter 5m:[CH3] control, click the first button to light up
3. 2 sets of warm color fog lamps, lamp beads diameter 3m:[cH3] control, click second to light up
4. 2 groups of left-turn yellow lights, lamp beads diameter 3m:linkage CH1, steering gear direction channel, left-turning triggers flashing
5. 2 groups of yellow lights turning right, the lamp bead diameter is 3m:linkage CH1 steering gear direction channel, turning right to trigger flashing
6. 2 sets of red taillights, lamp beads diameter 5m:follow the headlights together
7. 2 sets of white reversing lights, the diameter of the lamp beads is 5m:the throttle stick is set at the neutral position, and the reverse push of the joystick triggers the reversing light to turn on
8. 2 sets of red highlight brake lights, the diameter of the lamp beads is 5m:when the model car is moving forward, the rocker reverse pushes to trigger the brake lights
3PIN header is an extension of [CH3], which can be connected to dome light or other control circuits
1. [cH3] is any available switch channel other than the first and second channels, the initial state is the low point, and the trigger state is the high point.
2. Click [CH3] to control:the first headlights, taillights are on; the second headlights, taillights and fog lights are on; the third headlights, taillights and fog lights are turned off, and the cycle is in turn. 3. Long press [CH3] for more than 2 seconds to turn on the dual flash mode, and click [CH3] to turn off the dual flash.
– Power supply directly from the remote control receiver, GH1 linked turn signal, CH2 linked front and rear lights, CH3 connected to any available switch channel, suitable for model modification, flat running, truck, climbing car, etc.
– Twisted pair cable, neat wiring, independent lead for each lamp bead, 16 groups of high-quality LED lights, all the way to expand.
– All wires use high-strength bending resistant PVC insulation layer, tinned copper core, each light source uses independent twisted pair, sixteen lamp beads are connected to the tail end of the main control board, the volume of the main control board, it is 1/3 of the current market.
– The controller is integrated, small in size, easy to install and use, three control wires are welded on the control board, and the terminal is plugged and connected.
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