AuroraRC MAMFU4 DUCT 190mm 4 inch F7 40A BLS 4 in 1 ESC 2207 1860KV 4-6S Motor Cinewhoop PNP/ DJI AIR UNIT FPV Racing Drone

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Model With DJI Air Unit / Model Without DJI Air Unit /

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Weight(No Included Battery):457g
Flight Controller:F722 DUAL BT Bluetooth Flight Control
ESC:BLHeli_S 40A 4 In 1 ESC
Motor:RCINPOWER GTS V2 2207 1860KV Brushless Motor
Image Transmission & Camera:DJI HD Image Transmission Sky Camera (optional)
Propeller:GEMFAN 4032 3-blade Propeller
Buzzer:Sound & Light Integrated Buzzer
Applicable Battery(No Included):4-6s Lipo 800-1300mAh Battery Plug XT60
Supported Receiver:SBUS/IBUS/DSMX/PPM
Support GPS and other extensions.
Support Bluetooth tuning.
MAMFU4 4-inch ducted machine, designed for the pursuit of safe flight, has greater protection for the equipment, and is equipped with DJI HD image transmission equipment. The frame uses a combination of carbon fiber, 3D printing and sponge, which can not only ensure the strength of the frame, adapt to large maneuvering flights, but also effectively cushion impacts, reduce crashes caused by minor collisions, and reduce damage to third parties caused by impacts.
Although the appearance of the 4-inch ducted machine is much larger than the 3-inch ducted machine, the 4-inch machine can use more powerful motors and more powerful 4-inch blades, which greatly improves the flight experience of the ducted machine.
Using the F7 flight controller with its own Bluetooth parameter adjustment function, you can use the mobile phone APP to adjust the parameters of the flight controller without plugging in the data cable, which is convenient and fast. To
The side-mounted sky terminal design makes it very convenient to plug and unplug the TF card on the sky terminal, and the connection between the sky terminal and the computer is also extremely convenient.
Package Included
1 X Mamfu4 Frame Kit
4 X 2207 Motor
4 X 4032 Paddle
1 X F72 BT Bluetooth Flight Controller
1 X Buzzer
1 X XT60 Power Plug Cord
1 X Spare Screw Pack
1 X USB Conversion Board
1 X Battery Tie (No Included Battery)
1 X DJI AIR UNIT (Optional)

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