GEELANG LIGO78X 360GO 2inch 78mm Wheelbase Ducted CineWHOOP FPV Racing Drone PNP/BNF w/ 800TVL 800×600 GL950 Camera SH50AF4 MATEKF411 2-3S FC 4 in 1 ESC GL1202 8700KV Motor


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Brand Name:GEELANG
Mode Name:LIGO78X 360GO
Item Name:3S 78mm Ducted CineWHOOP drone BNF
size:119x132x23mm(Camera mount not included)
Weight:72g(Camera mount not included)
Weight:136 g(With 3s450 battery, 360go thumb camera )
Motor:GL1202 KV8700 Motor
Flight controller:Name:SH50AF4 MATEKF411
MCU:STM32F411CEU6 (100MHZ, 512K flash memory)
Sensor:MPU-6000 (SPI connection)
Shop:8MB black box onboard
Board size:28.5 * 28.5MM
Power supply:2-3S battery input (DC 7-12.6V)
Built-in 5A (each) Blheli_S 4 in 1 ESC Dshot600 ready
Built-in Betaflight OSD (SPI control)
Built-in 5V 2A BEC
Built-in voltage detection
Onboard 4in1 ESC:Onboard 4in1 ESC MCU upgraded to EFM8BB21
Power supply:1-2S LiPo/LiPo HV (3.5v/8.7v)
Current:5A continuous peak 7A (3 seconds)
Support BLHeliSuite programmable
Factory firmware:S_H_50_REV16_77.HEX
Default protocol:DSHOT300Power input:XT30
5.8G VTX:Power switching:third gear(25MW 、 100MW 、200MW)
Input voltage:3.3V 5.5V
Current consumption:300mA(type)
Frequency:5.8GHz 5bands 40 channels
With Raceband
Smartaudio ready(Frsky EU-LBT and DSMX version not compatible)
Camera:GL950PRO:1/4 COMS sensor
Horizontal:800TVL 800×600
TV system:ntsc 4:3 non-changeable
Power Input:DC 5-12V
Colorful:0.1Lux(F1.2,50IRE,AGC ON)
Black and white:0.01Lux(F1.2,50IRE,AGC ON)
Signal to noise ratio:> 50dB
Dynamic Range:>60dB
White balance:Auto white balance
BLC:stand by
Video format:NTSC
Propeller:Gemfan 2023-3 Toothpick Props
Recommended Battery:Capacity:450-550mah
Continuous Discharge Rate:60C
Instantaneous discharge rate:80C
-Use SH-50A flight controller to support 2-3s lithium battery power supply. The integrated Betaflight OSD function keeps track of the signal of the flight voltage receiver and can observe the status in real time during flight.
-VTX comes with Smartaudio function, you can adjust the flight control parameters through the OSD, adjust the flight control PID, and adjust the VTX frequency point parameters Completely assembled and debugged, you can fly with the remote control.
-A more compact design is adopted for the first time, with a wheelbase of 78mm. However, passing long-term flight tests will not affect flight efficiency at all. Indoor flight has better maneuverability and playability.The FPV end adopts GL950 camera, the image quality is clear. The complex environment of flying indoors has better observation and controllability.
-The 3s power supply and the 2-inch three-blade propeller have been tested and matched for a long time, and have obtained good operability and durability. It is recommended to use 3s 450mah battery, if you need longer space, you can add 3s550mah battery. Through continuous improvement, the problem of low efficiency of the 2-inch air duct machine was finally solved. Indoor small cross aerial photography becomes a reality. In order to better protect the outer ring,EVA sponge material is used to improve safety and reduce wind resistance. Through optimization, the performance is very good.
-The flight controller supports Betaflight adjustment, a variety of flight modes, carefully adjusted by the original factory, suitable for novice flight practice, stable style.
-Independent use of multiple versions of the receiver, electronic control is more stable. The flight control adopts the newer version of Betaflight 4.2, and the ESC adopts the 16.77 version. Both the two-way DSHOT mode and the gyroscope RPM filter are turned on to make the flight control more stable.
-The weight of the whole machine is controlled at 72g, which solves the weight problem of the traditional air duct machine and is flexible in control.
-The original factory is equipped with two sets of 360go thumb camera mounts, which can be replaced as needed.
-The tail RGB LED flight control can be adjusted freely.
Package Included
1* LIGO78X 360GO 2Inch Frame
2* 3D printed 360go thumb camera bracket
2Pairs* 2023 propeller
4* GL1202 KV8700 Motor
1* 5.8G VTX5840
1* GL950camera
1* Screwdriver
2* Battery magic strap
1* High-end paper box
1* USB cable
1* 3s 450mah lihv

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