SLADE Saxophone Cleaning 5-piece Suit Cleaning Kit Cleaning Tool Saxophone Accessories


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SLADE Saxophone Cleaning Kit
Saxophone cleaning five-piece suit (passing cloth + mouthpiece brush + thumb pad + reed clip + screwdriver)
product material
Passing cloth:cotton cloth
Flute head brush:natural bristle
Thumb pad:natural rubber
Reed clip:ABS
Before the cloth is wrapped:32*17*5
Before the headpiece is packaged:12.4*2.6
Before the thumb pad is packed:3.1*2.2*1
Before the reel clip is packaged:8.1*2.1*0.8
Before the screwdriver is packed:8.4*0.8
Saxophone special pipe inner cleaning cloth Wipe saxophone cross-bar cloth Super absorbent.
Brush material bristles are commonly used in natural bristle anti-scratch measures.
Protect the keys, adjust the height of the keys, and enhance comfort.
Mid-range, high-pitched tenor, saxophone reed clip, clarinet reed clip, multi-function, reed clip, saxophone special screwdriver is used to maintain the screw tight.
The saxophone cleaning five-piece suit is not worried about poor maintenance.
Package list
Passing cloth*1
Flute head brush *1
Thumb pad*1
Reed clip *1

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