Skydroid T10 2.4GHz 10CH FHSS Transmitter with R10/R10 Mini Receiver and Camera Support S.BUS PPM PWM Output


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Skydroid T10 2.4GHz 10CH FHSS Transmitter with R10/R10 Mini 10CH Receiver and Camera Support S.BUS PPM PWM Output for RC Drone
Specifications:(Transmitter Manual)
Item name:T10 Transmitter
Number of channels:10 channels
Working voltage:4.2V
Working Current:100mA
Modulation:New FHSS
Firmware:APP online
Duration:20 hours
Battery Capacitor:4000mA
Charge Port:MICRO-USB
Application:Helicopter,Fixed wing,Quadcopter,car boat
R10 Receiver
Number of channels:10 channels
Working voltage:4.5-5.5v
Working Current:100mA
R10 Mini Receiver
Model:R10 Mini
Number of channels:10 channels
Working voltage:5V
Working Current:100mA
Size:30x29x26 mm
Working Current:180mA
R10 Mini Receiver Usage
– Connect the receiver SBUS line and the digital transmission line to the flight control
– Connect the camera cable to the camera
– Power on the flight control, press the receiver’s counter button, and the green light flashes quickly to start the frequency.
-The remote control is turned on, and the receiver’s green light is always on after the drip is dripping.
– Plug the remote control into the data line and display the image. After connecting to the ground station, the data can be used.
-Dual antenna plus dual RF module with integrated control algorithms ensuring eliable communication via full angle high gain antennas the t10 uses the latest in FHSS(Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology to achieve perfect control and operation
-Integrated with digital video transmission, farthest to 10KM
-Integrated with data transmission, farthest to 20KM
-Parameter adjustments via aPP with upgraded traditional oSd to touch panel control ( Connected via bluetooth or USe, also supports S BUS PPM PWM Seria ports and external devices, etc
-Connects the aPP via Bluetooth, switching the operation model, adjusting the data of forward and reverse, rudder volume, channel binding, runaway protection value, SBUS, PPM output and digital baud rate. Providing parameter saving and loading functions
-Based on the ‘Tower’APP to ensure optimal compatibility with Pixhawk systems a large map view allows for easy waypoint selection and route planning including one key return to home. The t10 Also supports Tower, QGC, JIYI, TOPXGUN and BOYING APP
-Using 2 pcs of 18650 batteries(Need buy separatedly),endurance over 20 hours with 20DBm transmission frequency
-High integrated datalink with video data transmission and telemetry all in-ones unit Ultra-small size, with folding brackets, strong and stable
-A Number of optional cameras can be selected for your application such as mini digital camera digital camera with led, 20 times zoom camera etc
-Specially designed for UAV, Helicopter, Fixed Wing, Multi Rotor or Boat operation In video transmission (optional camera), Data Link and control of UAV
Number 1 :T10 Transmitter and R10 Receiver
Number 2 :T10 Transmitter and R10 Mini Receiver
Package Included
1 x T10 Transmitter
1 x R10/R10 Mini Receiver
1 x Camera

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