URUAV UV/CPL/ND8/STAR/Night Lens Filter for Hubsan Zino 2 RC Quadcopter


Model NIGHT Filter / Model UV Filter / Model CPL Filter / Model STAR Filter / Model ND8 /

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URUAV UV/CPL/ND8/STAR/Night Lens Filter for Hubsan Zino 2 RC Quadcopter
Item Name:UV/CPL/STAR/NIGHT/ND8 Lens Filter
Model:UV/CPL/STAR/NIGHT/ND8 (Optional)
Filter Diameter:22mm
Weight:about 25g
Usage:for Hubsan Zino 2 RC Quadcopter
-ND Filter
Reduce the amount of light coming into the sensor,
giving you the freedom to create your own work by allowing more control of the camera’s aperture,
exposure time and sensor sensitivity settings.The numbers in the back represent the dimming level.
-UV Filter
Reduce haze and improve contrast to your video and digital images by minimizing the amount of ultraviolet (UV) light.
Especially useful in areas of high altitude, snow, or beach, eliminating the undesirable blue cast. top level of transmittance.
-CPL Filter
Removes unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water or glass and glare from the sun.
Increases color saturation, creating deep, rich scenic images.Helps to reduce the amount of light entering the lens.
-STAR Filter
This is a Point line Star Filter. Add some sparkle to your night shots, city skylines, street scenes,
lamp posts, streetlights,car headlights, candle lights, andgaslights, any place there`s sources of points of light
-NIGHT Filter
Anti-light damage filter can effectively reduce light pollution and make the picture show real color.
Anti-light damage filter strictly chooses optical glass material to meet the requirements of high-definition painting quality
Package Included
1 x UV/CPL/STAR/NIGHT/ND8 Lens Filter(Optional)

Weight 0.025 kg


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