TransTEC Lightning 2 Ultra 5 inch Frame Kit 20x20mm / 30.5×30.5mm install hole with 3D Prined Part


Mounting Hole 20x20mm / Mounting Hole 30.5×30.5mm /

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TransTEC Lightning 2 Ultra 5 Inch Frame Kit 20x20mm / 30.5×30.5mm Install hole with 3D Prined Part
Brand name:TransTEC
Item name:Lightning 2 Ultra 5 Inch Frame Kit
Wheelbase:210mm(3030) / 200mm(2020)
Material:Carbon Fiber
Arm thickness:5mm
Bottom plate:2mm
Top plate:2mm
Aluminum Column:7075 Class 25mm(3030) / 23mm(2020)
Screws:YFS 12.9 Class
Type:Stretch H
TPU color:Yellow-3030 / Red-2020 (Color may vary)
FC Mount Hole:30.5*30.5 / 20*20
Camera Size:19mm (3030) / 14mm Nano (2020)
Prop Size:5inch
Weight:58g(3030) / 52g(2020)
Recommend parts(Not Included)
Battery :4S-6S Lipo 1000mah – 1800mah
Camera :19mm size(3030) / 14mm Nano size(2020)
Motor :2306 – 2208
FC/ESC :30.5*30.5 / 20*20
Prop :5inch
— Full 3K T700 TransTEC premium quality and structurally rigid carbon fiber.
— All Carbon Fiber with chamfered and round edge smooth cutting craft.
— Connected arm minimize loose and make more stable body.
— Ultra light weight design for better maneuverability and speed.
— 2mm Stretch H bottom and base plate firmly fixed and secured with shape arms.
— 5mm quick removable Arms.
— 2mm durable design top plate with large space to stick equipment.
— M3*25mm(3030) / M3*23mm(2020) 7075Alu TTR standoffs.
— Innovative design of 7075Alu parts firmly fixed and secured with arms.
— 2 pairs of Highly precise 3D printed Cam mount( Cam for 3030 / Nano Cam for 2020).
— Two different TPU 3D print antenna mount (One for loilipop antenna one for SMA antenna).
— Only 8 screws for assembling frame.
— YFS 12.9 first class black nickel plating screws to extend entire service life.
— Larger internal space for up to a 3 board FC stack (ESC/FC/Vtx).
— 30.5×30.5mm and 20x20mm independent two versions of mount hole for FC/ESC.
— Support to easily carry HD camera (such as the for GoPro / OSMO / Insta360).
— Professional players continue to test and improve, future upgrade prove.
— 2020 Team TransTEC designated racing frame.
Package Included
1 x Frame Kit

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