SNC380 Aluminum Alloy RC Robot Car Chassis Base with Mecanum Wheel


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The main components of the production plate include:metal chassis, TT motor (reduction ratio 48:1), 60mm diameter omnidirectional wheels and matching couplings.
Metal chassis:The entire chassis is stable and reliable, and the chassis is highly compatible. It can be used for a variety of circuit boards and battery boxes without opening holes.
TT motor:economical and practical, strong versatility, wide driving voltage range (3-9V).
The 15cm long male Dupont wire has been soldered. No wiring is required, plug and play, which is convenient for jumper.
Glue the welding points to ensure that the welding wire does not fall off.
Mecanum omnidirectional wheel:It can make the car realize movement in eight directions in the plane as well as drift and rotation. Make the operation of the trolley more convenient and more flexible.
The friction part between the wheel and the ground is made of rubber to avoid unnecessary wear, slip and idling.
The high hardness of the hub material ensures that the wheels will not be deformed during long-term use or disassembly and reuse, and the durability is high.
Technical Parameter
Motor reduction ratio::48:1
Motor line length::15cm
A set of small parts chassis

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