AuroraRC MAMFU 153mm Wheelbase 3 inch Frame Kit HD Version Compatibled with DJI Air Unit for FPV Racing Drone


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The STAc2.0 3-inch ducted rack is designed with a combination of carbon fiber, PLA 3D printing and EVA foam cotton. The aircraft frame is resistant to explosions, especially EVA foam protection, which can effectively absorb energy, cushion the impact, and protect the aircraft. Damaged. The body part adopts imported YFS Fangsheng 12.9-grade hardness black-plated screws, which are strong, high in appearance and anti-rust.
The rack design is compatible with DJI HD image transmission and traditional analog image transmission camera installation. It is sold in two versions and purchased according to your needs.
The traditional analog image transmission version is suitable for installing 3 3-layer flying towers with 20*20mm pitch, a total of 9 layers of equipment (version 1.0 has 2 mounting holes), or installing 3 layers of large flying towers with 30.5*30.5mm pitch. Does not include the fixed print of the sky terminal, and does not include the tail end of the dual image transmission antenna; with a common antenna tail end print and the 915 antenna fixed part.
The DJI HD image transmission version can be equipped with two single-layer ESC flight controllers with 20*20mm pitch, which are placed in front and back. With sky end fixings, dual image transmission antenna tail end; 915 antenna fixings. The DJI version does not require an adapter, and the original antenna can be installed and fixed, which is very convenient.
Item Name:STAc2.0 Frame Kit
Diagonal wheelbase:153mm
Overall frame size:215*190mm
Empty weight:166g
Floor thickness:2mm
Top plate thickness:2mm
Arm thickness:2mm
Arm width:6mm
Electronic equipment installation height:25mm (aluminum column height 25mm)
Flight control hole distance:20mmx20mm (3 positions) and 30.5×30.5 (one position)
Motor:11/13/14/15 series
Suitable paddle:3 inch paddle (30xx)
Camera pitch:19mm/20mm compatible
Package Included
1*MAMFU Frame Kit
Note:The Frame Kit does not contain any electronic equipment. The DJI Air Unit in the picture is only for installation demonstration. DJI Air Unit is not included in package

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