SHUNMA 31009 4-stroke Metal Diesel internal Combustion Engine Teaching instrument Physics Experiment Model


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SHUNMA 31009 Four-stroke Metal Diesel Internal Combustion Engine Teaching Instrument Physics Experiment Model
Brand Name:SHUNMA
Item Name:Diesel Engine Model
Size:18.5*12.5*31 cm
Material:Metal, Environmentally Friendly Plastic
Use for
It is used for the teaching demonstration of the heat engine part in the physics class of the secondary school. The design of this instrument has been extensively solicited opinions from relevant departments, and several improvements have been made to the original model, so as to not only clearly explain the basic working principle of the four-stroke single-cylinder diesel engine, but also be closer to the actual product, and better clarify the common single-cylinder The main structure of the diesel engine to improve the use effect of the instrument.
The front of the instrument is a section cut along the longitudinal axis of the cylinder, the cylindrical cavity in the middle is the cylinder, and the light-colored part next to the cylinder represents the section of the cooling water jackets. The piston moves up and down in the cylinder. The lines on the piston indicate the piston ring and the oil cup. The square cavity under the cylinder is the crankcase. The front of the cylinder is the crankshaft, which is connected to the piston through a connecting rod. . The rear one is a camshaft with two cams in different positions, which push the push rod to move up and down in sequences, and control the opening and closing of the intake valve and exhaust valve at the top of the cylinder through the rocker arm. The middle of the top of the cylinder is the fuel injector. .
On the left side of the instrument is a flywheel, and on the right there are models of crankshaft timing gear, camshaft timing gear, oil pump cam and high pressure oil pump.
The compression ratio of diesel engines is generally 12-20, so when the piston rises to the top dead center, a certain gap is left proportional to the top of the cylinder.
This instrument is equipped with a light display device, and the power supply adopts a AA dry battery or a low-voltage power supply. When the instrument is running, the lights will flash sequentially, which can more intuitively explain the actions of intake and exhaust and fuel injection.
There is a handle on the flywheel, which is only used for driving the flywheel to rotate during the demonstration.
How to wrok
Turn on the power, adjust the piston to the top dead center, and then slowly turn the flywheel in the direction of the arrow shown on the flywheel, respectively explain the actions of the piston, intake valve, exhaust valve, fuel injection, etc. in the four-stroke cycle, and explain the diesel time The basic working principle of oil machine. The flashing electric ball on the top of the cylinder indicates fuel injection. The fuel supply advance angle of this instrument is 20 degrees, so fuel injection is performed when the compression stroke is not completely finished.
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1 x Diesel Engine Model

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