JCZK 300C-S 470L DFC 6CH Smart RC Helicopter OSD information Return one-key Return Self-stabilization Mode with AT9S PRO Transmitter

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Compared with JCZK 300C, JCZK 300C-S has increased the information return function, the power is changed from 6s to 3s, and the battery can last for 12 minutes.
The 300C Scale RC Helicopter is a super-simulation process. The scale of the real machine is reduced. The whole machine is scaled down according to the real machine. Most of it is made of alloy. The whole machine adopts oxidation + sandblasting process, which is much more refined than ordinary airplane models. A lot more complicated. The whole machine adopts 6s power package, 950w brushless motor, 60A ESC, all metal high voltage steering gear.
The intelligent version uses 380A intelligent flight control system + GPS positioning.
1. It can fly at a fixed point (using the fixed-point mode, you only need to control the direction, front, back, left, and right, up and down. You don’t need to manually control the balance, it can be operated by a single joystick, very stable, very easy to use).
2. Accurate hovering (with GPS positioning, when using the fixed-point mode, both hands can be separated from the remote control, the aircraft will automatically hover at a fixed point without offset, real fixed point, fixed height. No bombing).
3. One-key return (pull the f switch, one-key return, the aircraft will automatically plan the nearest route and return to the top of the take-off location with basically zero distance error. Automatic slow and vertical landing, and automatically close the throttle after landing).
4. Low-voltage automatic return to home (the flight control automatically returns to home after detecting low pressure. No operator operation is required. The process is the same as the one-key return. It is very good to prevent the explosion caused by low-voltage power failure).
5. Signal interruption and return home (No signal interruption under normal circumstances, but if there is an accident, directly turn off the power of the remote control, and the aircraft will automatically press one button to return to home during the process of landing, which more comprehensively prevents the explosion).
Item:300C RC Helicopter
Battery:1350Amh 6S Lipo Battery(included)
Body Length:700mm
Body Width:125mm
Body height:230mm
Main Blades Diameter:360mm
Main Blades Length:820mm
Main Blades Length:69mm
Tail Blades Diameter:180mm
Main Motor Gear:13T
Final Gear:151T
Tail Drive Main Gear:56T
Tail Drive Ratio:15T
Gear Ratio:11:1:3.72
Weight:1480g(not include battery)
Flying Time:5-8mins
Flying Distance:About 1000m
Battery Mount:120*40*30mm
-OSD Information Return
– With 380A smart fly system, support GPS function.
– Support hover, self-stabilization and automatic calibration.
– Support helicopter head oriented flying.
– One-key return, low-voltage return, signal interrupt return
– 6CH 3D flying brings you amazing flying experience.
– 1000m flying distance and 8mins flying time.
– 2.4G 9CH Transmitter, supports low-voltage alarm, protect your helicopter better.
MiniPix Guide:Click here
AT9S PRO Transmitter:Click here
Package Included
1* 300C-S RC Helicopter
1* AT9S PRO Remote Control
1*380A Intelligent Flight Control
1*Dual-Mode GPS
1*1800KV Motor
1*60A ESC
5200 3S Battery(1PC or 2PCS,Depends on your order )
1*12 Channel Receiver
3*Full Metal Swash Plate Servo
1*Full Metal Tail Servo
1*Smart Balance Charger

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