Brushed ESC 480A Water/Air Cooled Waterproof Double Side ESC for RC Boat

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01 is water cooled ESC.
02 is air cooled ESC.
480A ESC Product Parameters
Forward:continuous current 80A / peak current 480A
Reverse:continuous current 60A / peak current 300A
Supported voltage range:2-4 Lipo or 5-12 NiMH batteries
Support motor speed
2 Li-ion or 6 Ni-MH 540, 550, 775 size motors:≥12T or RPM below 20,000 rpm
3 Lithium batteries or 9 NiMH 540 550, 775 size motors:≥18T or RPM less than 15000 rpm
4 Lithium batteries or 12 NiMH 540, 550, 775 size motors:≥24T or less than 10,000 RPM
Protection voltage:6V (factory set), when the voltage protection is effective, the throttle motor will stop working for 3 seconds, and the throttle will restart for 3 seconds.
Protection temperature:90 degrees Celsius. When the ESC temperature reaches 90 degrees, the ESC will stop working completely until the temperature drops below 90 degrees.
BEC output:5V / 3A
With or without brake:switch selection. Controlled by a small switch next to the ESC heat sink. Switch the switch to the direction printed with BRAKE to brush the car with the brake, and switch to the direction printed with NO to switch the car without the brush.
BRAKE With brake, the handle is up, the motor is moving forward. When the car is going to brake, push the handle to the reverse position. At this time, the motor is not moving and is in the braking state. If you want to go forward or backward, after the handle returns to the middle, then operate forward or backward.
NO Without brake, the handle is up, the motor is running forward, the handle is centered, and the natural speed stops. The handle is down, the motor reverses and reverses, the handle returns to the middle, and the natural speed stops. When the vehicle or ship is moving forward, stop or reverse it. Turn the handle down and the ESC reverses and reverses. To stop, when the motor just reverses, the handle returns to the center and the vehicle stops.
Automatic median recognition:None
For the first use, adjust the remote control to the center position. The green LED is on, the red LED is on, and the red and green are off.
There is a reason for this design. When the ESC is suddenly powered off and restarted due to an unexpected situation (such as a bad connection of the power connector), it will not cause problems because it is still automatically setting the neutral position.
There is no control signal connection when the green light is flashing or the motors B, B, and B are ringing
Programming project description
1. Operating mode:bidirectional (F / B / R) / unidirectional (F / B) / climbing (F / R). The default value is inchbidirectionalinch.
The inchtwo-wayinch mode, that is, the forward and reverse with brake mode, provides a reverse function, which is usually used for daily training. This mode uses double-click
When the throttle stick is pushed from the mid-point area to the reverse area for the first time, the motor just brakes, and no reverse action will occur.
When the throttle stick is quickly returned to the neutral point area and pushed to the reverse area for the second time (so-called inchdouble-clickinch), if the motor has stopped at this time, then
Reversing action occurs. If the motor does not stop, it will not reverse, but it will still be braked. You need to return the throttle to the midpoint again and push it to the reverse zone.
Reverse, the purpose of this is to prevent the vehicle from being accidentally reversed due to multiple brakes during driving.
inchOne-wayinch mode, that is, forward rotation with braking mode. The vehicle can only move forward and brake, but cannot reverse. This mode is usually used for racing.
inchClimbinginch mode, that is, direct forward and reverse mode, using one-click reversing mode, that is, when the throttle stick is pushed from the midpoint area to the reverse area,
The motor immediately generates a reversing action. This mode is generally used for special vehicles such as rock climbing vehicles.
2. Battery type:Lipo / NiMH, the default value is inchLithiuminch
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1x ESC

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