Mayatech MT90 Dynamic Static Dual Pressure Airspeed Tube + PIX Airspeed Meter Differential for Aerial Survey Pixhawk PX4 Pixhack Pix V5 Pixhawk2 Pixhawk4 Flight Controller

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Mayatech MT90 Dynamic Static Dual Pressure Pitot Airspeed Tube + PIX Airspeed Meter Differential for Aerial Survey Pixhawk PX4 Pixhack Pix V5 Pixhawk2 Pixhawk4 Flight Controller
Item:Airspeed Tube + PIX Airspeed Meter
Color:Red, Silver (Optional )
Suitable for Aerial Survey APM / PIX Flight Controller
Pitot Airspeed Tube Features
* Dynamic airspeed plus static airspeed dual pressure complementary calibration, is used to achieve higher readout accuracy.
* Independent static bin design, say goodbye to tedious zero test during debugging.
* Streamline design, less wind resistance
* Various installation methods
(1) It can be fixed on the wing, far away from the influence of propeller airflow.
(2) the fixed seat can be removed and refitted independently on the nose
* All CNC processing, oxidation treatment, high precision, high strength, strong anti pollution.
Product use
Pix version of differential pressure sensor, digital output using I2C interface, the total error within the compensation range is less than 1.0%. Digital output can reduce interference compared with analog output.
Df13 terminal interface is adopted. The distribution terminal line can be directly linked with the flight control I2C expansion board.
Warm tips:electronic equipment is a product with high technical content. When your equipment fails, please carefully check the circuit and power supply voltage. The phenomenon that the imported module is burned in use after being sold is not covered by the warranty.
Introduction of airspeed meter calibration:
Mayatech mt90 pitot installation,one dynamic pipe interface(straight pipe, not sealed) and one static pipe interface (separate chamber with small holes on one side).
On EasyStar, you need to pass them through the foam in front of the cockpit so that they can be exposed to the airstream. Make sure that the holes on the side of the tube are not covered. They should extend at least 4 cm. First, connect the silicone tube behind the pitot to the air pressure sensor. The port should be connected directly from the static to the top of the silicone tube. Drill or cut a small hole on the foam, fix the airspeed tube in front, or directly fix it under the wing.
Note:if you have a propeller in front of your aircraft, the dynamic tube must be pressed on a wing, or at least below the fuselage, to avoid propeller airflow. Static tubes can be installed anywhere.
Check operation
You can use the APM planner or other ground stations to read the airspeed meter values. Blow to the pitot tube and observe the response. In still air, both zero and small oscillations (2-3) are normal. The airspeed varies with the square root of the pressure, so the change is very small at near zero differential pressure, and a larger pressure change is needed to generate the estimated velocity change in flight. If you see mostly 0, 1, 2, occasionally bounce back to 3 or 4, think it’s normal. You don’t see this change in flight.
Differential Pressure Sensor board.
The MPXV7002 series piezoresistive transducer in the small outline package (SOP) is a state-of-the-art monolithic silicon pressure sensor designed for a wide range of applications, but particularly those employing a microcontroller or microprocessor with A/D inputs. This patented, single element transducer combines advanced micromachining techniques, thin-film metallization, and bipolar processing to provide an accurate, high level analog output signal that is proportional to the applied pressure.
The MPXV7002 is designed to measure positive and negative pressure. In addition, with an offset specifically at 2.5V instead of the conventional 0V, this new series allows to measure pressure up to 7kPa through each port for pressure sensing but also for vacuum sensing (refer to the transfer function in the data sheet for more detailed information). Features:-2 to 2 kPa (-0.3 to 0.3 psi). 0.5 to 4.5 V Output
Logistics size:11cm * 10cm * 15cm Logistics weight:0.1 KG/piece
Package Included
1x Mt90 pitot body
1x PIX Airspeed Meter
1x Fixed base
2x M3 * 10 screws
1x Silica gel tube (m)

Weight 0.1 kg


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