Music Partner I8 Electric Pipe Electric Saxophone Digital Wind instrument for Entertainment Beginner

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Function key :.
1.Color-spring mouthpiece:special mouthpiece.
2.Playing keys:These keys are used for playing. You can play with saxophone
and other fingering techniques.
3.LCD display:LCD display shows the tone number, timbre number, radio
channel, battery usage, timbre and other functions.
4.Function menu Key
Function menu key is to select different function menu. At this point,
the timbre – and timbre + buttons are set as the corresponding function keys.
Default. Power on is the initial menu (-, + button is to select the tone).
The menu order is as follows
a.Sensitivity Menu:Adjust the sensitivity of air pressure. There are a
total of eight gears H1-H9, and the sensitivity decreases in turn.
b. Blowing force Menu:Adjust blowing force. There are a total of 8 gears
from 00 to 07, and the required blowing force decreases in turn.
C.’ Volume menu:Adjust the overall volume. There are 10 gears from
1 to 10, and the volume increases in turn.
d.Language selection menu:Chinese/English switch.
5.MIDI channel key
Under any menu, press the MIDI channel button to switch the output
MIDI channel.
6.Timbre selection button -, timbre + button
A total of 83 timbre, serial numbers 1-83. Select the timbre from the initial menu.
7.Shift selection key -, shift selection key +
Under any menu, press Shift- or Shift + to select a different major.
There are 12 major keys in total. C,bD, D,bE,E,F,bG, G,bA,A, bB, B .
8.Wireless on-off key:open/close the wireless module.
9.Wireless frequency key:switch wireless channels. Show… under the
initial menu. Indicates no connection. There are CH1-CH4, 4 channels.
Long press the channel switch screen to display.. , turn on receiver B9,
Long press the channel key of B9 receiver. When the indicator light
flashes, short press the channel key of I-8, when.. change is CH1-CH4,
in which there are channels, indicating that 1-8 and B9 receiver are
successfully connected.
10.Power switch:This switch can turn on or off the power of the device.
11.Micro USB port and indicator light
Charge the device viaa USB power cord. Red light when it is charging,
green light when it is fully charged.
12.MIDI Out port:Connect the music production application to the
MIDI Out port to complete the performance, playing and recording.
13..3.5MM TRS headphone port:Connect to the headphone through this jack.
14.6.5mm TRS line port:Connect to external speaker through this jack.
15.0ctave:Switch treble and bass keys, and operate the keys with your left thumb.
16. Straddle strap ring:Tie the straddle strap hook to the straddle strap ring.
17. Built-in speaker:Battery powered.
Product size:4.5 * 4.9 * 49cm
Gross weight:0.65kg
Single carton size:46.5 * 10 * 17.5cm
Specification of outer box:6 pieces / box
Size:47.5 * 33.5 * 36cm
Package Included
1x Electric Saxophone

Weight 1.35 kg


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