DM-RS2010MD 20KG 180 Degree Metal Gear Digital Servo RC Robot Servo

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-DOMAN RC digital servo 180 degree metal teeth 20kg short shell short body dual axis 17 DOF humanoid robot servo
-Precision machining of metal gears, high precision, small virtual gap
-High quality motor, high torque, low energy consumption and high efficiency
-Double bearing design, dual-axis design for robot
-Short shell and short body design, the overall line of the robot is beautiful, and the humanoid degree is higher
-PWM circuit:With flexible start function and position feedback function, and in the position feedback state, the servo can be moved by hand, so that the player can adjust the position of the servo by hand according to the action, and then read the position, and this action Editing is more convenient and efficient, surpassing opponents in minutes
-3 outlets for easy wiring, serial interface can be used (TTL serial circuit:position, temperature, load, speed, voltage, current, etc. can be feedback, overload protection, motor and steering gear dual mode
-Long-life high-quality potentiometer
-Digital circuit, fast responses, low failure rate, high precision
-Mature digital circuit board, using mos-FET drive, and digital processor to make it fast and control in good condition.
-Futabas standard 25T tooth key
Speed:0.25sec/60deg (6v) 0.23sec/60deg (7.4v)
Locked-rotor (6v) (7.4v)
Working voltage:6-7.4Volts
Cable length:25cm
Compatible with well-known remote control systems such as Futabas, JR, SANWA, Hitec, etc.
Pulse width PWM500-2500us, operating angle 180 degrees
Package Included
1*DM-RS2010MD Metal Gear Digital Servo

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