NAOMI 10pcs/1pack Bb Clarinet Reeds Strength 2.0 Traditional B Flat Clarinet Reeds with Case Woodwinds Accessories

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Number 2 / Number 3 / Number 2.5 /

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Clarinet reeds come in various strengths, and use a number system. The system ranges from 1 to 5, and uses half numbers to help evaluate the hardness. The higher the number, the harder the reed. The goal of any clarinetist is to play the hardest reed they can handle, as the sound improves with each increment. While this should be the ultimate goal, a clarinet player should never jump into using a reed that’s too hard for them, as this will make it harder for the player to produce sound. Beginners should start at a 2 and gradually work their way up to a harder reed to 2.5 and 3.
Made with selected and superb reed.
Won’t crack or break easily with the hard texture.
Providing perfect sound quality for your clarinet.
Enable you to plays the clarinet freely and wonderfully.
Elementary level reeds for Bb clarinet.
10pcs in one pack, and 3 kinds of strength(2.0/ 2.5/ 3.0) for option.
Providing great sound quality for your clarinet.
Suitable for Bb clarinet beginners.
Each reed comes with a carton protective cover, safe and convenient.
Fit for:Bb clarinet
Quantity:10 pieces
Package Size:9cm*7cm*2.3cm/3.5in*2.8in*0.9in
Package Weight:30g/1.06oz
Package List
10pcs/1pack Bb clarinet reeds
1.Place the reed on the mouthpiece with the flat side touching the mouthpiece, then tighten the ligature to hold it in place.
2.By the way, the reed is a consumable item and must be replaced often.

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