DUPU Portable Bag for DUPU Battery Charging Kit

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At the bottom of the pioneering four foot design, the selection of four large area of wear-resistant rubber. Not only to prevent wear and tear, but also to stand firmly, whether it is carried with the car, or placed outdoors can be safe and assured!
1. Waterproof. Outer protection, waterproof fabric + waterproof zipper, not afraid of wind and rain.
2. fire prevention. Inner layer protection, heat insulation + fireproof fabric, considerate, safe and carefree.
3. Shockproof. Internal protection, equipped with double shock barrier, power supply and accessories can be stored.
4. Collision avoidance. All around protection, 360 ° 7.5 mm EVA package, all-round protection for power supply and accessories.
Package Included
1x DUPU Portable Power Bag

Weight 1 kg


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