NAOMI 1/8 Matte Maple Acoustic Violin Set W/ Violin+Brazilwood Bow+Bridge+Canvas Case Beginner Use

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Acoustic Violin, With spruce head, maple wood faceboard&backboard & sideboard, and special high gloss surface, the appearance of the violin is designed in a classic manner, fully presenting the elegance of violin.
The fretboard is made from blacked solidwood.
High quality strings and bow provide good sound.
Includes canvas case, brazilwood bow and rosin.
Good violin for beginners ,students, school learners and music lovers.
Excellent Sound Quality, acoustic violin with Retro varnished surface.
Completely Setup with No Assembly Required,Fully assembly, ready to play the moment you open the case! Complete equipment allows you to start playing the violin with a simple 3-steps:setup bridge, tune the strings, rosin the bow.
The edges and corners of violin are distinct and the layering is strong. The natural and smooth connection not only increases the aesthetics, but also reflects the grade of the violin.
Padded Violin Carry Case,The padded carry case with soft inside surface gives the best protection to the violin,zippered design, safe and reliable, and the side handle allows you to carry the violin conveniently.
Faceboard&Backboard & Sideboard:Maple
Violin Head:Spruce
Tailpiece:Aluminum alloy
1/8 Package Size:60cm*20cm*9cm
1/8 Package Weight:0.755kg
Package List
1*Acoustic violin
1*Brazilwood bow
1*Canvas case
1*Maple bridge
Before use, please rub some rosin onto the bow.
Softly adjust the screw at the bottom of the bow to tighten it.
Properly place the bridge, and gently rotate the tuning pegs to tighten the string.

Weight 0.755 kg


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