12 Hole Alto C Tone Pottery Ocarina for Music Lovers


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1.Ceramic Craft:The Ocarina is manufactured of natural dolomite with a glazed surface. Premium quality and well-crafted.
2.Beautiful Sound:The Ocarina can make beautiful and natural sound. Enjoy your music creation!
3.Easy to learn:It is an easy to learn piece of musical instrument which you can master it in a short period of time. Upon the provided music score, you could easily play this Ocarina.
4.Package include:The Ocarina comes with a music score and a lanyard. You can wear the Ocarina on your neck wherever you go.
5.Wonderful gift:It is a wonderful gift for music lover and learner. Suitable for sale in tourist attractions, boutiques and a place to cultivate children’s music preferences.
Species name:12 hole Star Series
Tone:medium C
Package Included
1 x Ocarina
1 x Manual

Weight 0.39 kg


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