MOOER M013 Digital Front Stage Guitar Effects Pedal

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Mooer 013 Matchbox, dual channel, 3-band EQ, gain controls and volume for each channel, cabinet/speaker simulator, two modes of operation of the footswitch.
The model within this preamp is a highly sought-after, handmade, modified version of a classic 30W American style combo. The clean channel is full and dynamic with acute crystalline and severe hot. The channel drive provides clean with more powerful punch and vintage Overdrive that clears every note. This preamp is perfect for anyone looking for vintage boutique timbres.
Mooer micro preamps are precise digital re-creations of preamp sections of the best known valvulated amplifiers. Mooer developed them by directly analyzing real valve amplifiers using a completely new technology to capture their sounds, dynamics and responses. Each Micro Preamp comes complete with two channels, internal box simulation and two modes of operation to meet the needs of all guitarists.
Fed with DC 9V 300mA source with negative center
Connect your instrument directly or output from your pre, preamp or effects such as Overdrive, distortion, etc.
Connect to a power amp or to the effect return of an amplifier (highly recommended use of a valvulated amplifier).
The power of different amplifiers will affect the final timbre. It is also possible to connect directly to a soundboard and activate the box simulation function for recordings.
Note:It is possible to connect your effects loop, such as those of modulation and which is time-based, between the Mooer preamps outputs and the power amp input (fx return)
Preamp with two high quality channels
Independent Winning, EQ and volume controls for each channel
Online/Off cash simulation
Two different modes of operation for the footswitch:On/Off or channel A/B
Input:Jaw Jack mono (Impedance:1 meg Ohms)
Output:Jack monodam (impedance:100 Ohms)
Energy requirements:Source AC 9V DC (negative centre)
Consumer Current:300 mA
Dimensions:93.5mm (P)’Total 42mm (L)’Total 52mm (A)
Accessories:Owner’s Handbook
Package Included
1 * Effect Pedal
1 * User Manual(English & Chinese)

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