MOZA MOIN 4K/60fps HD Pocket Gimbal 120 Ultra-Wide-Angle 2.45 inch Large-Screen Handheld Gimbal Vlog Camera

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Structure rotation range:Pan:-250°~+70°:Pitch:-120°~98°:Roll:+90°
Controllable rotation range:Pan:-230° to +50°:Pitch:-95° to 50°:Roll:+45°
Maximum control speed:120°/S
Jitter suppression:+0.005°
Lens FOV:120° F2.2
35mm equivalent focal length:14mm
ISO range:Photograph:100~3200, step length 1EV:Video:100~3200, step length 1EV
Shutter speed:8S~1/8000S, electronic shutter
Maximum resolution:4000X3000,1 2MP
Video resolution:4K:3840X2160 60/50/48/30/25/24P
MOZA-Color:FHD:1 920X1080200/:120/ 100/60/50/48/:30/24P:HD:1 280X720240/:200/120/100P:2.7K:2704X1520 60/:50/48/30/25/24P:4KP60/50/30/25/:24 2.7KP60/ 50/30/25:24 1080P60/50/30/25
Slow motion:720:4X;8X:1080P:4X; 8X
Photo taking mode:Single photo,panoramic photo,Static delay
Video mode:Ordinary video;slow motion;MOZA-color
Maximum video stream:1 00Mbps
Support file system:exFAT (FAT64)
Image Format:JPEG/JPEG+DNG
Video format:mp4 (MPEG- -4AVC/H.264)
Recommended memory card type:MicroSD, V30 rate
audio format:48KHZ, AAC
screen:2.45 inches:480X272 can flip the screen.:IPS LCD:Flip angle:flip up and down,-90°~+60° 90° opening and closing
Wi-Fi working frequency:FCC/CE/SRRC:2.400- -2.4835 GHz,5.725- -5.850 GHz(DFS),MIC:2.400- -2.4835 GHz
Wi-Fit protocol:802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth operating frequency:2.400- -2.4835 GHz,5.8G
Bluetooth protocol:BLE 4.2.
Types:Lithium Ion Battery
battery capacity:930mAh
battery energy:7.1 4Wh
battery Voltage:7.68V
Battery life:145min(1080/30fps(Measured during stand-alone shooting)
-Large screen display, touch interaction, double flip structure
The 2.45-inch high-definition large screen allows you to get rid of the clear composition of the phone.
One-screen display series of shooting modes, and support for accurate metering and camera
IOS, EV and other parameters are adjusted, and the interaction is simple and smooth. Double flip rotation
The structure allows you to have a good grasp in the tricky low-angle composition.
-High-performance high-definition imaging
Can record 4K/60 fps ultra-high-definition video
Has 1/2.3′ sensor
Supports up to 256G external storage & 145 minutes of battery life
Has 12 million pixels
-‘Dongwei’ algorithm, anti-shake before it happens
The new ‘Dongwei’ algorithm debuts for a small test, with ultra-high control frequency
Quickly respond to the user’s shooting intention with precision, with minimal insight
Changes, even the jitters caused by strenuous exercise can be corrected
Just in the blink of an eye, keep the picture stable, every frame is smooth and smooth.
-120° super wide angle, Hold live in big scene
The use of distortion-free large wide-angle, self-portrait shows a small face, can also accommodate wide scenes
The wide world, the world you have seen, will all become the big scenes of your freeze frame.
-60 seconds long exposure, transforming into a master of night scenes
Long exposure of up to 60 seconds, providing super night scene mode,
Let you take pictures of the stars and view the moon on the top, and follow the light and glimpses on the bottom,
It’s better to make a movie in the morning, and a good movie in the dark.
-Magic mode, one-click to create a film
MOIN Camera has built-in Magic template, click to enter
Enter the smart filming mode without barriers, beginners can also improvise,
One-key output big production.
-Digital stereo array
Built-in dual digital microphones to pick up the sound, the sound pickup performance is greatly improved,
Reduce noise, excellent sound quality, and start to win.
-Face tracking
The camera automatically recognizes the face of the person entering the mirror, and after selecting the tracking target,
The camera will follow up without delay.
-High-speed continuous shooting
In the continuous shooting mode, 9 pictures can be taken continuously with one button without missing
The key moment.
The pan-tilt automatically rotates to complete the panoramic shooting, and freezes a larger landscape with a wider view.
-Time-lapse photography
Support three creative delays:static delay, motion delay and trajectory delay
Time shooting mode, easy to capture the traces of the passage of time.
-Slow motion
8 times slower speed amplifies the beauty of the movement, every moment shocking the details
All relax and play freely
-Wifi image transmission real-time monitoring
Connect the mobile phone and the pan/tilt camera via WiFi to realize the edge
The high-efficiency mode of shooting while passing, you shoot me and cut, and at the same time it can
Monitor the shooting process from a distance.
-Diversified scene application
Comfortable travel, parent-child time, gathering of friends, street shooting,
Outdoor sports, wedding highlights
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1 x MOZA MOIN 4K/60fps HD Pocket Gimbal 120° Ultra-Wide-Angle 2.45 Inch Large-Screen Handheld Gimbal Vlog Camera

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