12V 775 Double-Motor 400m 2.4G Differential Turn Transmitter Fishing RC Boat Parts

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Large horsepower net set with double 775 motor 480A water-cooled ESC 50mm four-bladed propeller
400 m 2.4G differential remote control. Aluminum alloy decoupling device. 385 water pump.
This set uses a 2S -3S lithium battery 7.4V -11.1V and a 12v battery 12v 18650 lithium battery pack. (Battery needs 20A discharge current or more)
Suitable for installation of 70-120 cm hull.
Can do pull net boat to fight the nest boat, leisure and entertainment boat. School boat model competition ship.
The 2.4G remote control handle has a built-in lithium battery. Use the Android cable to charge, a phone charger or a computer. The steering angle can be adjusted. A total of 2 motors and 4 servos can be controlled. It is necessary to remotely control the decoupling device and remotely control the bait bin of the ship. The remote control is 400 meters.
Receiver 1 and 2 channel connection ESC control dual motor Forward Back Left turn Right turn.
Connect the 3 and 4 channels to the dispenser. Press the button servo to rotate 45 degrees and release the automatic return.
5 and 6 channels are connected to the steering gear, and the button servo is rotated 90 degrees to position. Press the servo again to return.
Remote control code:(or restore factory settings)
For the code process:first, after the receiver is plugged in, the receiver starts to flash, then press the code switch on the back of the handle, and press and hold. Turn on the power switch of the remote control handle. Hold for 3 seconds. It will automatically change the frequency, the receiver does not flash, it is already right.
Decoupling installation
Be sure to look, otherwise you may damage the steering gear. Before installing the decoupling device, the steering gear must be connected to the receiver and energized to determine the angle, then the decoupling device and the metal steering arm. The lock is closed when installed. (The remote control presses the button and the dispenser is open)
Each time you use it, turn on the remote control handle and then turn on the receiver, so that the dispenser is in place each time. If the receiver is turned on first, the steering angle will change when the handle is turned on. Plug in the receiver 3 or 4 channels,
Set of accessories
2x 480A water-cooled brushed ESC
2x 775 magnetic high speed motor with cooling fan
2x 775 metal motor base
2x motor box shell
2x 4x5mm joint
2x 20cm stainless steel drive shaft 4mm
2x four-bladed propeller D50mm / (positive and negative pair)
1x 4×7 water pipe 2 meters
1x M8 drain
1x one male bus
1x T plug male to female Y line JST female
1x dispenser rack
1x 25T metal steering arm
1x S3003 steering gear
1x 2.4G differential remote control

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