Hiwonder RoboSoul H5S 16 DOF intelligent Educational Programmable Bionics Humanoid Dancing RC Robot

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Robot Control System:Hardware :H5S humanoid robot specified servo controller
Software :Graphical PC software + Android and iOS APP
Degrees of Freedom ( DOF ):Shoulder :2 DOF shoulder
Arm :2 DOF ( each arm )
Leg :4 DOF ( each leg )
Foot :1 DOF ( each foot)
Power Supply System:Power :11.1V 2000mAh 10C
Servo Parameters :LX-824HV high-voltage bus servo
Size :39.82 * 20.09 * 51.10mm
Torque :17kg / cm 11.1V
Product Parameter:Size :505 * 306mm
Weight :1.7kg
Material :Light aluminium alloy
1. High speed walking, faster and stronger
From the Bionics perspective, we developed a high-speed gas algorithm for humanoid robots by investigating human walking and running motions and characteristics. It can effectively improve the robots walking speed and stability.
2. Mass control, uniformity
The H5S has a built-in wireless communication module that supports many robots to perform simultaneously. Just one click operation on mobile phone, the robot can realize smooth performance, simple and convenient performance!
3. Intelligent autumn stand
The H5S has a built-in tilt sensor that can automatically recognize the falling direction and intelligently complete the fall and rise with one click.
4. Play now and experience fast
H5S memory multiple action groups for fast hands-on experience
Hip-hop, Dapeng spread his wings, forward, push-up, sit, wave
5. Phone volume control
H5S supports mobile phone voice control, allowing you to play with the robot easily.
5. Three control methods, powerful fun
– Phone / tablet control
H5S supports Android / iOS mobile phone control, built-in dance mode, football mode and fighting mode!
– Computer control
(1) Top computer debug action
PC software debug servo
Save to control panel
Via serial port (serial cable / Bluetooth)
(2)Console configuration control command (ok)
PS2 controller button or mobile app
H5S can support wireless PS2 control control
7. Teaching manual programming
Motion editing can be performed by manually turning the steering gear, this is simple and convenient and even novices can play.
8. High voltage bus servo
Longer battery life and better wiring.
Compared with the traditional 7.4V servo, the 11.1V high voltage servo can reduce the current by more than 60%, which greatly increases the robot’s battery life.
1. Provide mobile phone APP and PC upper computer software, support teaching type manual programming.
2. Built-in inclination sensor, can realize intelligent fall and stand.
3. Provide rich cases and tutorials of dance, gymnastics and other action groups, and support group sending control.
Package Included
1 x H5S Intelligent Robot
1 x PS2 Handle and Receiver
1 x Charger
1 x Data Line

Weight 2.486 kg


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