4/8/12 Coil Solenoid Engine Model High-speed Motor V-type Engine Model Toy Gift

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Item Name:Engine Model
Type:1:4 coil/2:8 coil/3:12 coil
4 coil:230*108*110mm
8 coil:280*108*110mm
12 coil:330*108*110mm
4 coil:0.74kg
8 coil:0.92kg
12 coil:1.1kg
Product principle
If a current (LV) is applied to the conductor (d) in the magnetic field (b), and the direction of the magnetic field is perpendicular to the direction of the applied voltage, then another voltage (Uh) will be generated in the direction perpendicular to both the magnetic field and the direction of the applied current. People call this voltage Hall voltage, and this phenomenon is called Hall effect. It’s like a road. Originally, everyone was evenly distributed on the road and moved forward. When there is a magnetic field, you may be pushed to the right side of the road. Therefore, the two sides of the circuit (conductor) will produce voltage difference. This is called Hall effect. According to the Hall effect, the hall device uses the magnetic field as the working medium to transform the movement output of the object into the form of digital voltage output, so that it has the function of sensing and switching. Multi cylinder engine is an engine with more than two cylinders, which is composed of several identical single cylinders arranged on one engine block, sharing the p688com of left hand feeling.
The reciprocating electromagnet used in this product is a better magnet obtained after multiple experiments, replacements and calculations. It can be used with Hall sensors to generate magnetic force at a better position and achieve better operating effects. And the bearings used are ball bearings, which have the characteristics of low friction, quietness and durability, and provide strong support for smoother operation. Both sides of this product are supported by high-precision cut acrylic supports, which are highly transparent, non-deformable and beautiful in appearance. The beam supports are four-branched carbon fiber columns, which are strong, durable and stable, showing high-end atmosphere.
1. Please understand the product might have some colour difference due to different monitors and scenes.
2. Please allow slight deviation for the measurement data.
Package Included
1x Engine Model

Weight 0.8 kg


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