Kittenbot Nanobit 12 in 1 Programmable Competitive Mecanum Wheel Kit Smart Robot Car

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Item Name:Specification
Nanobit Mecanum Wheel Suite-in-shape:Brand:KittenBot
Package Size:170x120x50mm
Operating Voltage:On-board 14250 lithium battery:3.7V~ 4.2V
External Upper Limit:≤5V (
Parameter of Electronic Machine:Operating Voltage:3.3V~ 5V
Working Current:≤1A (powered by on-board battery)
Remote Control Mode:Based on hardware 2.4g or Bluetooth mobile phone remote control
– Nano bit mcnamm wheel kit is a kit developed around the Nano bit main control panel series, which is suitable for having a certain programming Foundation(it is better to contact micro:bit) users play car-related projects in novel ways.
– Due to the omni-directional motion characteristics of the wheat wheel, there are many ways of playing that can be expanded by itself, such as remote control experience, line patrol, moving objects, avoiding obstacles, etc.
– Multiple programming software support, such as Makecode online programming, Python editing, Makecode offline package, KittenBlock software.
Package Included
1 X Nanobit
1 X Kblink
1 X Nanobit Shield
1 X Building Blocks Package
1 X Micro USB
1 X 14250 Battery
4 X 48mm Mecanum Wheel
4 X Coupling
4 X Geek Servo Red Motor

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