Hiwonder Raspberry Pi VisionPi 4b Smart Camera PTZ 2G Version Python Programming Face Recognition Robot Kit

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Item Name:Specification
VisionPi Smart PTZ:Brand:Raspberry Pi
Material:Metal + Acrylic board
Camera Resolution:480P
Pan/Tilt Angle:180° left and right 130° up and down, maximum top angle 40°, maximum elevation angle 90°
Weight:About 0.6kg
Product Size:160* 120* 250mm
Power Supply System:Adapter:7.5V 3A power adapter
Control System:Hardware Part:Raspberry Pi 4B control board + Raspberry Pi expansion board
Software:PC VNC software + Mobile APP
Control Method:Computer control/Mobile APP control
Other Parameters:LFD-01 Anti-Blocking Steering Gear Size:32.5*12*29 .85mm
Locked-Rotor Torque:1.8kg.cm 6V
LFD-06 Anti-Blocking Steering Gear Size:40* 20*40.5mm
Locked-Rotor Torque:6kg.cm 6.6V
Overall Weight (including packaging):About 1.4kg
Packing Size:360*315*115mm
– Color tracking
VisionPi PTZ can intelligently track the color that has been set in the APP, and can flexibly track the same color in the visual environment, with rapid response and flexible action.
– Face detection, real-time email alarm
VisionPi PTZ can monitor the surrounding environment in real time. When a human face appears in the visual range, it will take a photo and send it to the set mailbox to realize the alarm function.
– Mobile detection
VisionPi PTZ can detect all moving objects within the visual range, and display the detected status on the APP, improving monitoring efficiency and monitoring accuracy.
– Finger recognition
VisionPi PTZ can recognize the number of fingers appearing in the visual range through OpenCV, and display the recognition results on the APP.
– 2 degrees of freedom PTZ
The VisionPi gimbal is equipped with two anti-jamming steering gears, which can rotate left and right, up and down, with a wider viewing angle and wider visual coverage.
Package Included
1 X PTZ Bracket
1 X Raspberry Pi 4B/2G Motherboard
1 X Raspberry Pi Expansion Board
1 X High Definition Camera
1 X Camera Cable
1 X LFD-01 Anti-blocking Steering Gear
1 X LFD-06 Anti-blocking Steering Gear
1 X 7.5V 3A Power Adapter
1 X Middle Positioner
1 X Microl JSB Data Cable
1 X Heat Sink
1 X 16G TF Card
1 X Card Reader
1 X Red/Green/Blue Colored Balls
1 X Crystal Screwdriver
1 X Screw Nut Accessory Kit

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