20L Efficient Agricultural Ground Control From an Android Phone for Agricultural Spraying and Plant Protection


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Diagonal Wheelbase (mm)::1700mm
Size (mm)::Folded :1100*1100*700mm Spreaded:1700*1700*700mm
Operation Power::44.4V(12S)
Weight ::15KG
Flight Speed::0-10m/s
Spray Width::5-7M
Takeoff Weight::≥37KG
Flight Control systems ::Microtek V7-AG (Military Brand)
Dynamic System::Hobbywing X8
Propeller size::28/30 inch
Power suit ::DJI 5000 /Hobbywing x8
Spraying system::High power brushless water pump / 4 nozzles
Pump parameters::12V / 22.2v (optional)
Flight Time::8-10 minutes (depending on the working environment)
Operational efficiency::A pot of water 10-16 Acres
– Android ground station, easy to use / PC ground station, full voice broadcast.
– Router Setting support, Fully Auto Flight operation with A,B Point operation.
– One Button take-off and landing, More safety and time saving.
– Contrinue Spraying at Breakpoint, Auto Return when finish liquid and low Battery.
– Liquid Detection, Break Point record setting.
– Battery Detection, Low Battery return and Record point setting available.Heigh Control Radar, Stable Altitude setting, Suppoting Imitative Earth function.
– Flying Layout setting available.Vibration Protection, Lost Contect protective, Drug Cut protection.Motor Sequance Detection and Direction detection Function.
– Dual Pump Mode
Questions & answers
– How you repair UAV if it is damaged
Our UAVs are easy for installation and parts replacement. If any parts damaged, customer can easily replace it with instruction, or with our online support service.For any quality problem, we will offer parts freely, for man-made problem; we will charge material cost and shipping cost.
– Do I need to assemble this product by myself
This product is already assembled
– Will you provide the steps to use
When we send to you, we will show you some steps and instructions for helping you to use the drone.Any question you meet can contact us.
Guidelines for safe flying
1. Comply local laws, check relevant laws before flying.
2. Fly in the open and within sight For safety reasons, never fly over people, animals or moving vehicles.
3. Fly at a safe altitude, away from tall buildings.
4. Stay sober, do not drink and fly.
5. Maintain two-handed control of the aircraft at all times.
6. Obtain a good GPS signal before taking off.
7. Check that the accessories and airframe are in good condition and that the equipment is fully charged.
8. Refer to the flight training course and practice in the flight simulator.
Package Included
1*20L drone
1*HD with map camera remote control
1*12S smart lithium battery
1*high power smart fast charger
1*special kit
1*special case for aerial drones

Weight 20 kg


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