20A Single Side Brushed ESC for 360 370 385 Water Pump RC Boat Parts


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Voltage:6V-16V (2S-4S lithium battery)
Remote Control Signal:Pwm (1000-2000)) (1100-1900)
Two Modes:The switch on the outside is the ESC mode, which is used by plugging into the throttle channel.The switch is in switch mode on the inside, with 5 or 6 channels inserted into the receiver.Please select the mode before connecting the battery. Switching is invalid after power on.
This ESC:In switch mode, it can be plugged into the 5th and 6th channels of the 6-channel board control, and the three-channel spear control can be plugged into the 3rd channel.
– The run length is automatically adapted, and the low throttle starts to prevent the unsafe rotation of the high throttle motor immediately.
– When starting in ESC mode, the motor will give a sound prompt, but in case of a motor that is easy to turn, it may turn several times at the same time; the switch mode will not prompt).
– With loss of control protection (loss of signal (equivalent to the ESC signal line is broken), motor stops), bec 5v maximum 1.5A.
– This ESC can also be used as an electronic switch. Please flip the setting switch as shown below to drive the light strip, cigaret lighter, etc. The ESC is a one-way brushed ESC.
– This ESC has good heat dissipation and is suitable for driving 360 370 380 water pumps and model motors with water cooling.
If you need to use it for a long time, please add a copper water cooling ring to the water pump to reduce the temperature to avoid overheating of the water pump and cause burns.
Package Included
1 x 20A Brush Switch ESC

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